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Embedded Banking & Financing




Amar Bank provide banking capability to Partner's End Customers. This collaboration enables enhancement of value proposition, offering variety of complementary products, & services to strengthen customer retention.

Product Offerings

Built-in Banking Features

Account opening, transfers and transaction at your app for your users. Full secured banking standard and 24/7 support for for your customers.

Built-in Configurable properties

Customise to suits your app brand guideline.

Built-in Banking Standard Security

Using security standard from Amar Bank ensuring customer transactions and information is safe.

A single Widget is a gateway to your business and customer banking solution.

Full Digital Onboarding

Real time free transfer

Transaction History

Integrated Payment in your app

Micro Productive Loan

Pre-approved credit limit  to finance user transactions in your application

Amar Bank Widget

How Embedded Banking & Financing can help you and your customers

Logistics Company

Amar Bank as a service provider, replaces the closed loop payment method from e-money

P2P Company

Amar Bank account as main balance, replacing Escrow Account for Lender

In-app transaction using Amar balance

Users have a pre-approved credit limit that can be used for transactions within the application

Ecosystem-based financing solutions enable customers to receive COD payments in real-time

Allows lending and repayment transaction to happen real-time

Provides Deposit product for customers to earn better returns on their idle funds

Allows fund to remain in ecosystem, for higher engagement and retention in-app

Beside those 4 (four) industrial ecosystems that we have served with Embedded Banking & Financing, we also serve other industries, such as:

There many more on how Embedded Banking & Finance can help your company and customers.

Want to know an example of a use case for your company? Email us, so we can find a solution that fits your business.

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How Embedded Banking & Financing works
Using the scheme above will help us control the risk of all the banking activities done in your ecosystem.
The use of innovative technology to connect financial platforms and provide added value for your company and users.

Try out our Android SDK

It takes full 2 days to implement our basic banking capabilities in your app.

Reach us through our email, so we can share you our SDK.

Click below for documentation on Embedded Banking and Financing implementation.

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Financial management



Lifestyle (Ride-Hailing, Food, Shopping - Online, etc.)

Payment System/Point of Sales

and many more...

Pre-approved Credit Limit for Platform Users

Get credit limit services for your customers. So they can engage deeply on the platform.

Adjustable repayment mechanism with transaction behavior on your platform